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23 June 2021

A billionaire buying bits of BT needn’t ring alarm bells | Nils Pratley

A billionaire buying bits of BT needn’t ring alarm bells | Nils Pratley

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For starters, the French-Israeli Drahi must know that a foreign-backed bid for BT (which can’t now happen anyway for six months) would provoke a political storm.

Rishi Sunak, the chancellor, then made life sweeter by creating “super deductions” on infrastructure spending for two years, a tax policy that could almost have been designed with BT in mind.

If he wished, Drahi could have thrown a large sum at a fibre insurgent – CityFibre, say.

If the plan to reach 25m premises by the end of 2026 is achieved, the company should emerge with control of about two-thirds of the UK’s fibre infrastructure.

Now Morrisons has a sticker of shame to add to its collection: a 70% vote against its pay report, which is about as big as rebellions come.

Without the “adjustment”, Potts’s overall pay packet would still have been about £3m, rather than the £4.2m he actually got.

At least Morrisons spared us standard guff about “engaging” with shareholders and instead expressed “sincere regret” that it couldn’t convince the voters.

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