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19 September 2021

A Look At The Game Theory Of Bitcoin

A Look At The Game Theory Of Bitcoin

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Simply put, if you are playing any game of strategy, like chess, any move you make in the game will have to be countered by your opponent.

This chess game between Bitcoin and the WMPPs has been the longest chess game to have ever been played because it has been going on for 12 years.

There is no chance that Bitcoin will face a stalemate in its game against the WMPPs, because a stalemate means that neither player wins or loses.

Alternatively, when Bitcoin checkmates the WMPPs king and wins the game of chess, Bitcoin will have become a store of value and medium of exchange for the whole world.

This year, the WMPPs have made the following chess moves against Bitcoin along with "Bitcoin’s game theoretic countermoves" (BGTC):.

Bitcoin has the mindset of the “little engine that could” and will soon become a steamroller that all countries will have to get out of the way of or get “steamrolled" by.

WMPPs Move #4: The International Monetary Fund (IMF) tried to strong-arm El Salvador into not passing a law that would allow bitcoin to become legal tender in the country, by threatening that they would not support El Salvador.

In conclusion, the Bitcoin network will continue to operate no matter what the WMPPs say, do or think.

Some of the greatest, most powerful entities like the IMF, China, United States and ESG movement have tried to attack Bitcoin, but it will continue to move its chess pieces on the world's chessboard to counter every move because it is a beautifully engineered protocol

You might even argue that Bitcoin is artificial intelligence considering how it has countered the WMPPs every move for 12 years but that will be for a different article

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