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13 May 2021

Ali Raheman, founder of Autonio, on building an algorithmic trading community | CryptoSlate

Ali Raheman, founder of Autonio, on building an algorithmic trading community | CryptoSlate

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CryptoSlate recently had the opportunity to chat with Ali Raheman, Founder of Autonio, an algorithmic trading platform that also develops solutions that enhance DeFi liquidity. ?

Autonio is an early-stage decentralized autonomous organization built around developing accessible and easy-to-use trading tools and infrastructure for the DeFi space as a whole.

We try to achieve this by democratizing access to trading tools, that, until now, weren’t easily accessible for traders.   The NIOX Suite is the foundational toolset that includes several products like NIOX Maker, Swarm, Smartdex, and AI.

For example, NIOX Maker and NIOX Swarm – an automated trading terminal and liquidity mining protocol enable efficient crowdsourcing of liquidity.

As part of our partnership with SingularityNET, we’re actively working on AI deployment which aims to enhance trading performances for our users, leading to intelligent and sustainable crowdsourced liquidity?

The NIOX token, as the lifeblood of the NIOX ecosystem, is used to gain access to the trading toolset on a Hold to Use basis, providing easy opt-in/opt-out and a personalized learning curve, with minimal financial implications.  It serves as a governance token, enabling DAO members to participate in the decision-making process to further develop the project while receiving staking rewards for taking part in the governance.

Our vision is to build a prosperous community around algorithmic trading and we intend to do that by democratizing access to intelligent trading tools and infrastructure.

We’re developing an infrastructure that will serve as a building block for businesses and developers to train and deploy AI agents and services focused on enhancing automated trading performance.  Traders will have the ability to integrate different AI agents and portfolio management strategies to enhance their trading performance.

That way we are democratizing access to intelligent trading tools and connecting liquidity buyers and sellers enables sustainable crowdsourced liquidity.

The good thing about all this is, that token projects and exchanges benefit from crowdsourced liquidity while our users have incentives to provide liquidity creating a virtuous cycle, enabling us to be collaborative driving value for the ecosystem. .

NIOX Swarm; our liquidity mining protocol and NIOX Maker – Automated trading tool are designed to enable crowdsourced liquidity.  When liquidity is truly crowdsourced from a diverse audience whose behavior and interests are uncorrelated, liquidity is fundamentally more robust.

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