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17 September 2021

Apple: Apps Hosting NFTs "Not Appropriate" for App Store

Apple: Apps Hosting NFTs "Not Appropriate" for App Store

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Apple has reportedly stated that applications storing or displaying NFTs are breaking the App Store’s terms of service.

According to the email exchanges between Gnosis and Apple shared by Lucas Schor on Twitter, Apple says that applications that include access to NFTs by means other than in-app purchases violate the App Store’s guidelines.

“Since NFTs are digital assets that have a price and cost associated with them,” the email from Apple reads, “Apps that access, whether it is just simple storage or marketplace, are not appropriate for the App Store.

Moreover, other iOS crypto wallets, including the most popular crypto wallet with over 10 million active monthly users, MetaMask, allow users to store and even directly sell NFTs from their wallets. .

Apple reportedly claims that all crypto applications offering NFTs (paid digital content) must either make them available to App Store users as in-app purchases or remove the functionality from the applications entirely

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