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28 May 2020

‘Avoid Biased Calculations’ Says Crypto Researcher After Cherry-Picked Chart Debate - Bitcoin News

‘Avoid Biased Calculations’ Says Crypto Researcher After Cherry-Picked Chart Debate - Bitcoin News

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On Friday, crypto analytics site Messari and data analyst Zack Voell shared a controversial chart called “Bitcoin Cash versus Lightning,” which claims to display a comparison of activity for both networks.

The way the chart was portrayed and the written critique was contentious, to say the least, and crypto supporters accused the Messari analyst of being biased and “cherry picking” data.

Zack Voell, a data analyst from Messari, stands accused of producing biased material for the website that claims to “promote transparency and smarter decision-making in the cryptoasset community.” On Sep.

6, Voell tweeted a chart that claimed to show the comparative growth and use of BCH versus the Lightning Network.

A quick glimpse at the chart shared by Voell makes it look like the Lightning Network has seen exponential growth while the BCH side is dreary.

Following Voell’s tweet, live stream host Collin Enstad laughed at the Messari analyst’s chart and asked: “Did you just cherry pick a stress test day from a year ago and then claim the transaction count is down over 90% — 12 months later?” During the first week of September 2018, BCH participants had multiple stress tests and the network saw millions of transactions per day on a few occasions that week.

In response to Voell’s tweet and chart, the researcher from Ryan Research, Peter Ryan, asked the Messari analyst why he didn’t use year-to-date (YTD). (BC): What do you think about the recent chart Zack Voell from Messari shared yesterday.

BC: You recently shared a chart of your own from Ryan Research can you tell us about the data stemming from this.

BC: Can you tell our readers a little about Ryan Research and how you got into researching cryptocurrency data.

What do you think about the chart shared by the Messari analyst.

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