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21 September 2020

Bans and brands: What centralization does to businesses

Bans and brands: What centralization does to businesses

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Facebook, Google, Twitter, Microsoft, Sony and many more have all faced large-scale data hacks that have exposed the private information (and more) of their customers.

With the onset of Web 3.0, high-speed internet and streaming, the internet now offers enterprising individuals an opportunity to build businesses and careers online, but large-scale organizations are increasingly failing to grant them the recognition they deserve as businesses in their own right, blind to the impact that algorithm changes and software updates can have on online-only business ventures.

You eventually find that because you sold a batch of items from a different supplier, you were flagged by the system, and because of that, the system deemed it right to close down your bakery to ensure nothing else was sold from the new supplier?

Unfortunately, this is the way centralized video platforms can treat their streamers, meaning all efforts at establishing yourself as an online business can fail, not because of your own mismanagement but because you’re suddenly deemed to be operating outside an obscure set of terms of service.

This has unfortunately become a regular occurrence for crypto and video game streamers, who often report mysterious “shadow bans” that mean they no longer appear in platform search results, and who find that their years of video content has mysteriously disappeared.

While decentralized platforms have their own rules and terms of service to follow, using them does give content creators much more stability, and a foundation from which livelihoods and careers can be built without fear of unexpected closure.

A decentralized video content distribution and streaming platform means streamers can benefit directly from users watching and interacting with their channels, and they do not need to set aside a portion of their income to pay an intermediary that may be profiting from their work.

Streaming to a decentralized platform means streamers never have to worry about whether their job will be eliminated the next day because of a policy change.

As the political landscape shifts and people become increasingly aware of an ever-growing state of control, the public is losing faith in outdated social media platforms that fail to recognize the value of its customers — that is, streamers and viewers — and secure their data accordingly while providing them with a flexible environment to grow and develop their business without fear of sudden shutdown

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