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21 June 2021

Basketball star turned digital racehorse tycoon: Wilson Chandler on NFTs and the NBA

Basketball star turned digital racehorse tycoon: Wilson Chandler on NFTs and the NBA

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Chandler told Cointelegraph that he first heard about crypto from some “kids” he played Fortnite with in 2017.

However, he told Cointelegraph that those early stumbles have now paved a path to what may well end up being a second act for the former star.

Basketball stars inking shoe deals with major brands is nothing new, but CryptoKickers designs one-of-one streetwear-inspired shoes for virtual worlds like Cryptovoxels and The Sandbox — a use case that major fashion and apparel brands have long had their eye on.

Like many traders and collectors, he’s discovered that private communities are an ideal way to corner ‘alpha,’ and he’s even gotten in on some fractionalized ownership deals for rare horses — including a horse stable agreement with one “Jake,” who works with Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban’s venture capital outfit. .

“I’m in some incredible private group chats with some major players and they’re so giving with information and tips.

In recent weeks, younger players like Josh Hart, Tyrese Haliburton, and reigning Rookie of the Year LaMelo Ball have started collections, with LaMelo in particular flourishing under the tutelage of collector-whale Pranksy. .

Chandler believes that it might be the start of a trend — NBA players, after all, have a long history of serving as tastemakers and arbiters of what is hip

And in NFTs, they now have a rapidly evolving technological and cultural movement that in some ways reflects the nature of the modern game, which is increasingly defined by absurd athleticism and pace

Chandler notes that, aside from collecting NFTs, plenty of players have made angel investments into blockchain companies, including early plays in Dapper and Coinbase

This trailblazing effort from Dinwiddie was just two years ago, and yet both the tech and adoption seem to have sprinted forward since — a sign that NFTs are just getting started with their push mainstream, says Chandler.

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