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18 January 2021

BBC gets into blockchain tokens with Doctor Who: Worlds Apart

BBC gets into blockchain tokens with Doctor Who: Worlds Apart

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The BBC’s first foray into NFTs is a set of digital collectible trading cards featuring none other than Doctor Who, one of its best-loved and most globally recognized television characters.

After registering for the site, users can find out more about the game, check out the entire deck of cards (sortable on a number of key attributes), or dive straight in and buy some card packs.

Four pack types are available that contain between five and 10 cards each, with certain packs guaranteeing that some or all of the cards will feature one of the rarer frame designs.

In registering for the site, users have already created a personal wallet, and opening purchased card packs will place those cards into the wallet without any need to understand the technology behind it.

But for many, the big draw for these digital collectibles is the fact that later next year they will be usable in a turn-based free-to-play tactical card game, with battles fought on digital tabletop boards depicting recognizable locations from Doctor Who.

Whil the blockchain aspect is hidden in the background, the release of these trading cards is sure to bring an influx of Doctor Who fans into the NFT fold.

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