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20 January 2021

BigONE Exchange Unveils Star Program | Press release Bitcoin News

BigONE Exchange Unveils Star Program | Press release Bitcoin News

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BigONE, one of the world’s safest cryptocurrency trading platforms, is excited to launch its new Star Program, a referral system that comes with a advanced backend platform that allows BigONE Star members to track the detail of every user they referred to BigONE, not to mention a decent trading fee rebate along with high commission that they can receive from their invitees.

Compared with other exchanges that offer trading fee rebate and commission products only to well-endowed influencers or investors, Star Program caters to every contract trading enthusiast with features such as trading fee rebate and commission.” said Kevin Cheng, COO at BigONE Exchange.

The program features a multidimensional backend dashboard that allows its members to track every detail of the invitees in three separate tabs – Referral History, Commission History, and Rebate History, with details including Time, commission / commission rate, conversion rate, and etc.

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