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08 March 2021

Binance to Support KEYFI and KEY Airdrops

Binance to Support KEYFI and KEY Airdrops

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This is beneficial for BSC, to KeyFi, and to users of Binance exchange, who will be eligible to receive the airdropped tokens in the months to come.

In collaboration with KeyFi, a decentralized and fully integrated defi dashboard, BSC will host an airdrop for both of its native tokens, KEYFI and KEY.

This airdrop will reward long-term holders and Binance users, and will be determined based on a wallet snapshot over a five-month period, with a snapshot taken once a month to estimate average holdings over time.

Since KeyFi is building an all-encompassing defi dashboard for users, offering a regular and premium version where users can store digital assets and interact with defi apps, working together with BSC will better position the project in the defi economy

It will also allow BSC and Binance users to get easily involved with the project, while cementing Binance Smart Chain as a legitimate decentralized finance ecosystem that can compete with the best of them.

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