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19 September 2021

Bitcoin and Ether Market Update September 9, 2021

Bitcoin and Ether Market Update September 9, 2021

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Bitcoin closed the trading day on Sunday, September 5 at $51,804 or 3.7 percent higher compared to the last session.

The coin was 6.1 up on a weekly basis and successfully confirmed the break above the $49,500 range high.

Bitcoin lost 11 percent and closed at $46,800, but the most important part is the fact it was trading below $43,000 at some point during intraday erasing $10,000 of its market value.

What we are seeing midday on Thursday is BTC trading higher, hovering in the area right above the mentioned moving average.

The Ethereum Project token ETH managed to break out of the $3,300 – $3,000 range on August 31 and managed to grow by 21 percent for the period leading to Sunday, September 5.

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