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31 July 2021

Bitcoin, Carbon Credits And Regenerative Farming

Bitcoin, Carbon Credits And Regenerative Farming

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Citadels with independent water and energy resources need to be built that will use those techniques to responsibly manage large tracts of land, producing a food supply chain that is not dependent on inputs to survive.

I argue that the most potent play (and, really, the only realistic one) is a speculative attack on the corrupt system of carbon credits and environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards.

In short, Bitcoiners can use the cantillionaire system the cronies have established to beat them at their own game.

This leads them to eat only their preferred grasses, which in turn allows the undesirable grasses to go to seed and propagate, slowly taking over.

Add in the fact that regenerative farming will require a much longer “runway” before it starts to generate appreciable revenue, and it just isn’t practical for the vast majority of people who don’t have significant resources to fall back on.

The landowner would not only need to part with their bitcoin (or leverage it), they would also need to be content with a near-zero return, at least in the short to medium term.

They have created a fabricated system that they have then overlaid over abusive practices in order to perpetuate the generation of dirty fiat by the government and funnel it into cronyistic businesses, mega-corporations, and the establishment.

It is the result of a global movement, decades in the making, with tremendous government and financial institution support, that is only going to have an increasing amount of fiat behind it in the coming years.

This means any Canadian company that doesn’t buy credits to become “net carbon neutral” will have an accruing negative liability that will steadily erode access to the investment funds and/or leverage needed to survive.

While Canada is the first country to do this, they are unlikely to be the last, meaning that policies like this will continue to artificially inflate the price of carbon credits.

Bitcoin itself will do this, but in the interim, Bitcoiners can use the system to provide the financial support to build citadels, turning the dirty fiat into both BTC and large citadel ranches to support other pleb citadels.

Without them, none of this is possible — there will instead only be a small group loudly protesting the current system with no ability to effect change.

We use the system to build and support a return to first principles that function to rebuild the world with a resilient food supply.

Now that the easement is in place, you the owner will also receive some significant federal tax credits (up to 50% of your Adjusted Gross Income per year, with a carry-forward of 15 years), so any money made ranching doesn’t incur federal Income taxes any time soon — and there’s no state income tax in Wyoming.

For putting the easement on the land and preventing development, the ranch can earn 0.75 metric tons of carbon credits (tCO2) per acre per year, or 7,500 tCO2 in this example.

In much of the Midwest, the easement program was designed as a way to protect generational land, helping ranchers get out of debt and giving them peace of mind that they’ll be able to pass along the ranch to their children (with no mortgage, so they can afford to feed their families on the ultra-slim net profits of raising cattle).

This is now possible because the ranch has the financial freedom (due to the carbon credits) to buy the best cows, despite their long payback period, and not simply the ones the mega-processors want.

As the cattle are grazed using regenerative principles, the ranch will also earn additional carbon credits.

With their leftover fiat money, the rancher can then partner with a few other like-minded ranchers doing the same thing and build a co-op meat processing plant — the last piece in the puzzle needed to remove the mega-corps from the system entirely.

In the end, the ranchers have essentially used the fiat and ESG system to totally insulate themselves from the ravages inherent therein, and removed all the negative incentives that the current system has created.

But for now, in the immediate term, I believe that we have an opportunity to use the dying system to lay the groundwork needed to foster and grow real, solid foundations and ecosystems.

If the inevitable implosion comes before we’ve built a new system and have enough robust genetic stock, everyone will suffer, and any solutions will be too late.

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