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28 September 2021

Bitcoin Changed My Life, And It Will Change Yours Too

Bitcoin Changed My Life, And It Will Change Yours Too

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I had first heard about it in 2013 when I discovered that you could purchase drugs through the Silk Road on the dark web.

I looked into buying some bitcoin for this purpose, but the only way I could figure out how to get some was by using LocalBitcoins to meet some random person in a coffee shop to make the dollars to bitcoin exchange.

I figured I should learn more about this thing I had invested a big chunk of my savings into.

What started as a get-rich-quick scheme turned into a “hero’s journey” that has completely changed the entire trajectory of my life.

My initial investment into bitcoin also happened to coincide with finding out that my partner was pregnant.

This exciting news along with my newfound passion was reason enough to focus more on saving for my family and the future, and to focus less on live music and travel.

This interest in learning everything I can about Bitcoin stemmed from figuring out how to hold my own keys.

I thought that the government was so unbelievably messed up, we just needed more of it with the right people in charge.

I aim to focus on the growth of the Bitcoin network in the way that I know how: through education.

Some people focus on mining, some focus on building out software and hardware wallets.

Some people focus on developing on top of the Bitcoin stack, some focus on HODLing, and some crazy people focus on day-trading (don’t be one of those people!).

Some people who love bitcoin are carnivores and some are vegan.

Some people who love bitcoin are into firearms and 3D printing, some people love the focus on renewable energy, and others enjoy focusing on politics.

Whatever you love about bitcoin, you can find someone else in the space with similar interests.

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