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19 September 2021

Bitcoin Fixes The Modern Fiat Ponzi Scheme

Bitcoin Fixes The Modern Fiat Ponzi Scheme

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Once I learned what the system was and how it functioned, I could no longer value anything in dollars after realizing how fast they were exponentially losing value.

dollar is a system that is burning up its own value with every new dollar that is digitally issued and shoved into the bank accounts of the top 1% of the world.

It is shoved into their accounts whenever they need to get a new bank bailout loan or corporate bond loan.

They then take that new money and freeze it into their own portfolio’s asset holdings.

This process leaves almost none of that newly printed money liquidity to trickle down to those at the bottom that are relying on the dollar.

Loan welfare for the top 1% where they get a majority of the newly printed cash to then play musical chairs within their asset market of choice.

They always get a majority of the new digitally printed cash every year through loans to hoard in their assets, all while giving employees the bare minimum.

That happens because our cash is created with every new loan that gets issued in our current monetary system, as stated by Forbes in “How Bank Lending Really Creates Money, And Why The Magic Money Tree Is Not Cost Free.”.

There are situations like this that we see every couple of years where banks need to get bailed out because their corrupt systems go bust and start falling apart, further increasing the debt imbalance on the U.S.

Wikipedia has a page detailing the events well, listing all the beneficiaries of the bailout in their page named the “Troubled Asset Relief Program.” A program that was created because banks and corporations marketed themselves as “Too Big To Fail.” In other words, using unproven theories about how their own failures caused by their own mistakes would somehow cause the whole financial system to crash, all to scare the general public and their lobbied politicians into bailing them out with programs that print new dollars just for them.

It falls apart further with every new digitally printed dollar that forces them to print even more dollars to pay off old debts, which in turn creates larger debts in the process.

With enough money to fly their rockets to the heavens and still have more money left over than they can ever possibly spend in their lifetimes.

On the investor’s end, the government pays off debts to old national bond investors with the money they receive from new national bond investors that are investing into the government’s bond market system.

pays off old investors of the nation with the money they receive from new investors into the nation’s bond system.

Meaning the rest is new money printed out of thin air with each loan that exceeds the national bond investment cash inflow.

dollar savings, while at the same time freezing the new money supply in corporate assets that prevents it from trickling down and circulating throughout the economy: This system is how a wage slave working class is created.

A working class with wages so low that they can never save any substantial amount of money before the dollars in their savings are devalued beyond any meaningful utility.

The national bond investor end of this equation is what allows the government the front they need to be able to print the massive amounts of money that they do?

Money that they then loan to Wall Street every year who then freezes it into their asset bags.

dollars and/or fiat currencies like it that rely on the dollar.

Have you felt that something was off with our financial system in this country.

That might be because you subconsciously noticed that the system unfairly flows the stream of new money to the top 1%.

While at the same time leaving those at the bottom with less money and only higher debts every year that perpetually grows and forces them to work all their lives.

Countries that relied on the dollar until its increasing rates of inflation failed them and their currencies.

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