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27 July 2021

Bitcoin For Georgia: How To Use Bitcoin As A Nation!

Bitcoin For Georgia: How To Use Bitcoin As A Nation!

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Georgia is just one of many developing countries which would benefit from the adoption of Bitcoin.

That in order to mitigate the negative impact from central banks, it becomes necessary to authorize the circulation of Bitcoin with the supply that cannot be controlled by any central bank and is only altered in accord with objective and calculable criteria.” - Nayib Bukele (President of El Salvador).

What does this all mean for a developing country like Georgia.

This was just a summary from the 37-page report “Bitcoin for Governments.” I like the country Georgia and the people.

But you can probably substitute Georgia with any one of many developing countries worldwide, which would all likewise benefit from Bitcoin adoption.

Bitcoin would help so many countries that are forgotten by big nations.

Emerging nations like Georgia can become ascendant countries and overtake the West if they move faster on key enabling technologies like Bitcoin.

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