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30 October 2020

Bitcoin Gains $300, Is Now Trading at $10,700 | Live Bitcoin News

Bitcoin Gains $300, Is Now Trading at $10,700 | Live Bitcoin News

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For one thing, India has been given a chance to instill crypto legislation that would make the talk of an alleged ban simply white noise.

The country instilled a law that forbid any financial institutions from doing business with companies that dabbled in crypto or blockchain technology.

India became a hotspot for crypto activity, and it looked like the country was about to become a leading bitcoin haven when recently, it was announced that legislators were looking to instill a full crypto ban that would denounce all trading, selling and purchasing of cryptocurrencies.

A ray of hope exists in a company called Buy U Coin, which is introducing a basic package of legislation to lawmakers throughout India in the hopes that they will consider simply regulating crypto rather than fully banning it.

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