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28 September 2021

Bitcoin Golden Cross: Everything You Need To Know About The Bullish Signal

Bitcoin Golden Cross: Everything You Need To Know About The Bullish Signal

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With the Golden Cross now here, we are looking back at the history of the signal, and breaking down exactly what it means and how this could impact Bitcoin price action in the days ahead.

The Golden Cross to start the 2013 bull market only ever Death Crossed when a bear market finally began, but not before a quick Golden Cross/Death Cross fake out.

After the cryptocurrency bottomed in 2015, another fake out situation where the cryptocurrency Golden Crossed, then Death Crossed, then Golden Crossed again.

A Death Cross also started the 2018 bear market, until a Golden Cross took the cryptocurrency out from bear market lows.

It started with a Death Cross in October 2019, then, like the 2017 bull run, a Golden Cross faked out into a Death Cross, only to then Golden Cross again and take Bitcoin from $4,000 to $65,000.

With a Golden Cross back, the market is now nervous of another fake out type situation, but also fearful of missing out on potential upside.

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