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09 July 2020

Bitcoin Lawsuit Heats Up With More Bonded Courier Tales - Bitcoin News

Bitcoin Lawsuit Heats Up With More Bonded Courier Tales - Bitcoin News

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Additionally, another court filing explains that Wright provided the court with a list of his “bitcoin holdings” so he can comply with the court magistrate’s prior orders.

Wright has produced a list of his bitcoin holdings, as ordered by the Magistrate Judge, to the plaintiffs today.” Another court filing says that Wright also submitted 16,404 bitcoin addresses that he allegedly owns.

The Kleiman estate immediately responded to the compliance submission from Wright and said that the plaintiffs request they be provided with “seven interrogatories about the courier.” The plaintiffs want answers about the bonded courier within 10 business days so they can “seek discovery from the bonded courier and his company.” Moreover, the Kleiman estate plans to have experts review the list of bitcoin holdings Wright submitted on Tuesday.

The Kleimans are seeking more time for additional discovery and have reminded the court that past discovery cut-off dates were that were transgressed upon is “entirely a byproduct of [Wright’s] own misconduct.” The filing stresses that the plaintiffs want this case to go to trial as expeditiously as possible.

Kleimans’ court document also seems to suggest that the plaintiffs want a trial to proceed in Miami, around June if the court grants them a 90-day extension for more discovery and depositions.

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