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13 May 2021

Bitcoin: Or How We Became Gods

Bitcoin: Or How We Became Gods

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Most markets that emerge naturally are actually free; it is the man-made ones that usually struggle with this property.

This worked wonderfully for a long time, but as soon as our world became complex, which it did because we made it so, this started being less and less effective.

I can’t put my hand through a wall, or if I do, I need to push through the wall with greater force than the forces that hold the wall together, and my bones need to be able to resist the force with which the wall pushes back at me. If there is a coin on a table, I can’t really copy it.

The best option is to obtain some materials and then spend some time and energy crafting a new, identical coin. As we evolved in this world, we learned to use these constraints to our advantage2

Here, you can send nude photos across the world, limited only by the speed of light.

Most of the time, we don’t really need to have a solid connection between the two worlds, as there are clear delimitations between them and expectations about their relationship.

Furthermore, even though there are boundaries between the two worlds, sometimes we need a bridge and a common context.

This machine is incredibly dumb, as it can do only one thing: calculate as many SHA256 hashes as possible per unit of time.

This process transitions energy from a very hot mining farm in some part of the analog world where electricity is cheap to the digital blockchain.

There are only objects that require large amounts of energy for their momentum to be changed.

By inventing Bitcoin, we did the same thing that God did: we created an immovable digital object, and as a result, we began closing that gap between ourselves and divinity.

That is when we become Gods of the digital world.

We can’t really say where man ends and God begins, as it is up to every man to draw that line for himself.

The truth is that there is no actual line, only a gap that either becomes ever smaller, or not.

In the same way, there is also no such thing as the mempool: there is only your mempool.

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