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16 November 2019

Bitcoin Price Diary: Long Bitcoin, Bullish on Altcoins – XLM, VET, ONE

Bitcoin Price Diary: Long Bitcoin, Bullish on Altcoins – XLM, VET, ONE

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As usual, I move this up to follow the price when required.

However, in a move this large and fast based on news, the price was unlikely to retest over a longer period of time, so I was willing to trade this smaller time frame.

I immediately set my take profit for half of my position at .00000940 (sats), an area I saw as a key resistance.

Within an hour, the price hit this line and dropped, which was ultimately the top of the move.

In an effort to catch a second pump, I reentered at .00000870 (sats) but ultimately stopped out of this trade with the entire position at that same line when the price dropped.

I made 17.5% on half of this position in less than an hour, a very successful trade in my mind.

This is effectively a second round of the same trade, with the first retest of the .00000797 (sats) line on a larger time frame.

I stopped out of my two-week-long Bitcoin trade at a small loss this morning when the range lows were broken.

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