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01 April 2020

Bitcoin Researcher Drums Up Academic Interest in Erlay Protocol -...

Bitcoin Researcher Drums Up Academic Interest in Erlay Protocol -...

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As Naumenko himself has said, there are numerous benefits to getting individuals from other fields of research engaged in reviewing and providing feedback to the Bitcoin ecosystem.

These benefits include strengthening existing Bitcoin research and also attracting new talent to address the multitude of challenges and real world research that need advancing.

Naumenko is seeking to encourage current and future graduate students to focus on the peer-to-peer challenges of Bitcoin such as future botnet attacks on the Bitcoin network.

Although not as important as on the Lightning Network, certain attacks, like eclipse attacks and network splits, are possible on the Bitcoin network if an attacker manages to control the peers you are connected to or manages to disconnect you from honest peers.

Indeed, the breakthrough that Satoshi Nakomoto made back when he first released the Bitcoin software in 2009 made no progress in making proof of stake viable.

Whilst in London, Naumenko also presented at the London Bitcoin Devs meetup

(The video of his presentation can be viewed here with the transcript available here.) To prepare for Naumenko’s presentation, the London Bitcoin Devs meetup hosted a Socratic Seminar a week earlier on the Erlay research paper and the peer-to-peer networks of Bitcoin and Lightning

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