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24 February 2021

Bitcoin Retreats From $1 Trillion As Market Sees $300 Billion Sell Off - Decrypt

Bitcoin Retreats From $1 Trillion As Market Sees $300 Billion Sell Off - Decrypt

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Market Watch has always tried to bind stocks and bonds more closely to crypto as digital money becomes a more integral part of the global financial system and the two become more inextricably linked. .

In March 2020, the US stock market tanked as Covid set in.

But yesterday, bond yields, one of the less explored and let’s face it, drearier sides of markets suddenly shot up

Bond yields act as a useful indicator of the direction of interest rates and, more generally, future economic activity

When bond yields are low, investors tend to go in search of better performing, and typically, more risky stocks elsewhere

When bond yields start to shoot up, investors flock back to them, selling off their shares in stocks to park their money in the safety of predictable returns. 

While some investors see this as a positive sign, others see it as a signal that markets are overheating, and that stock market growth may be coming to a close. 

So while the crypto-believers are content with the notion that "some things just crash" more astute investors would be wise to focus on the bigger picture and plan accordingly.

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MicroStrategy Buys $1.026 Billion Of Bitcoin
published: 24 minutes ago
MicroStrategy’s latest monumental bitcoin investment gives it a total of more than 90,500 BTC, purchased at an average of $23,985 per coin.

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