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23 June 2021

Bitcoin Returns Self-Empowerment To People

Bitcoin Returns Self-Empowerment To People

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Many people have fallen permanently behind because of these debt cycles.

Free markets, privacy and money have retreated in small steps.

If you find your finances diminishing, perhaps it isn’t your work ethic that’s to blame but the money itself which is losing purchasing power (and taking your motivation down with it).

People have money as much as money has people.

If bitcoin is money does that make it evil by association.

Is it possible we’ve become too reliant on status and thus complacent when it comes to actual work.

Pre-coiners often flock into bitcoin at all-time high prices and then complain when experiencing their first hard dip like the casual fair-weather fan.

Then these same soft-minded people complain about mining being bad for the environment, when in reality they never put in the work to understand the process and in the grand stage of life they don’t even qualify to sit in the cheap seats.

Putting in the work matters in Bitcoin as it should in life.

Money without impurity is the trophy but what most normies have a hard time swallowing is that PoW is the battle testing that hardens the network.

We love watching highlights of Michael Jordan and Tom Brady playing hero ball and hoisting trophies, but few people are interested in the hours of gym time required to put them in a position to win.

There is a pervasive misconception about good guys and bad guys.

Most of us cast ourselves as good when in reality most of us are neither.

Good guys, by definition, must have the capacity to confront bad guys.

Note that the good guy may not necessarily be nice.

Nice guys waffle on their beliefs when it serves them and are victims of circumstance waiting for the good guy to save them.

Bitcoin is full of unapologetic good guys, not nice guys.

And now that you’ve been warned: it is your fault.

And when money abuses you it’s easy to become jaded, dangerous and open to the idea that chaos is preferable to order.

Bitcoin is money that honors its owner and can only be kept if handled with respect in return.

The inference is that people don’t believe their work matters yet they are duty bound to collect fiat currency in order to exist.

If money is the only reason to go to work and money is inflating your salary away that is a real drag.

Do you expect the same government that is diluting your purchasing power to restore it out of benevolence.

This may explain why so many people living on the internet have mental health issues.

Our minds desire another hit of dopamine but that does not fulfill what our conscience needs.

When the US dollar was tied to gold it had good intentions.

Bitcoin fixes money so we have no excuses now.The Cattle Co-op is leading the charge in Bitcoin-inspired agriculture.

Fiat debt systems have systematically strip-mined America’s soil bank but Untapped Growth and Cows and Bitcoin are on the vanguard restoring its nutrient richness.

You may not be able to dictate monetary policy but you can select your money, thanks to Bitcoin.

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