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18 April 2021

Bitcoin: Revolutionary Money In A Time Of Universal Deceit

Bitcoin: Revolutionary Money In A Time Of Universal Deceit

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Conspiratorial attempts to maintain and control power are going to be made obsolete in a world of truthful money via Bitcoin.

Assange dissected conspiracy as “the agent of deception and information restriction.” He assessed that the key to dismantling such an unjust system of governance is cutting off the links between conspirators, thereby stopping the information flows that are required for them to maintain their collaborative secrecy.

He envisaged that leaks (releasing concealed information) would induce fear and distrust among conspirators and, therefore, weaken their power.

The rise of Bitcoin has revealed a root cause of conspiratorial governance that has been kept hidden until now.

Money supply has been the single greatest source of power that generates the patronage network of “In Each Other We Trust.”.

Bitcoin now provides an alternative to this “trusted third-party” model of money that is prone to manipulation.

The core invention of Bitcoin is a proof-of-work consensus algorithm—a decentralized trust that allows strangers to achieve consensus without intermediaries.

Unlike central banks whose monetary policy is subject to printing at will, the open source protocol of Bitcoin uses rules that are fixed and made clear at the outset.

In order to gain control over the network, they would have to compromise the mathematics on which the system is based.

Through distributing trust across a network and minimizing the necessity to trust a third party, the system removes the vulnerability that often leads to concentration of power.

As pretense of legitimate governance continues, with fake money propping up propaganda, Bitcoin’s new network of transparency has begun to break down this web of deception.

Bitcoin, an open source technology of cooperation, can now be used as a tool for ordinary people around the world to create their own network of trust that is uncensorable, living under their own rules.

Through each of us simply exiting from the nation-state’s rigged system of “democracy” we can boycott “the system,” cutting off their chain of money supply and distributions.

We can throttle conspiratorial connections of political elites, thereby defunding their resource wars, surveillance and extractive capitalism, and making their system of control obsolete.

In Bitcoin's decentralized network that dissolves levers of control, those who seek to conspire in secret have no place to hide.

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