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23 June 2021

Bitcoin’s Monetary Superiority Is Guaranteed By Physics

Bitcoin’s Monetary Superiority Is Guaranteed By Physics

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One of the least thought of ways that energy is present in our world today, until the advent of proof-of-work in Bitcoin, is how the concept of energy applies to money.

Despite this, monetary energy is arguably the single most important practical implementation of energy transfer in the world today because it’s the signal of all of the work that people individually and collectively output transferred from our physical selves into the world.

As a practical example — to build a bridge, it takes work from the people that are building that bridge, as they are transferring energy in the form of physical labor to build that bridge and are expecting energy in return in the form of getting paid.

The distinct problem that we have today is that the monetary energy in the world is fundamentally distorted to the point where the signal is completely broken.

Salability of energy is a key factor in not distorting the monetary energy because I need to know that my purchasing power is going to be worth relatively the same today as it will tomorrow.

For monetary energy, this would mean seeking the highest signal out of the noise.

While HODLers wait on the world to get caught up, they can rest easy knowing that Bitcoin succeeding isn’t a human question, it’s a question of energy transfer of entropy.

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