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26 September 2020

Blockchain Bites: BlockFi Hacked, Sued, BitMEX Down - CoinDesk

Blockchain Bites: BlockFi Hacked, Sued, BitMEX Down - CoinDesk

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Elsewhere, class-action lawsuits have been brought against and chip-maker Nvidia, while the little-known firm BMA is suing BitMEX for allegedly orchestrating the largest financial crime in American history.

BitMEX Down The trading engine for BitMEX, formerly the largest bitcoin derivatives exchange measured by open interest, went down on Tuesday, according to the exchange’s status page?

BMA LLC, the Puerto Rican company that two weeks ago filed a lawsuit again Ripple, has accused the BitMEX derivatives exchange of orchestrating the largest financial crime in American history. The filing envisions a vast racketeering conspiracy designed to reap billions in illegal profit through wire fraud, money laundering, unlicensed money transmission, interstate transport of stolen property and violations of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, or RICO.

Misleading Games A recent filing shows that disgruntled investors are still pursuing action against Nvidia, the multinational chip-making giant, accused of under-reporting its sales of hardware used to mine cryptocurrency. The shareholder class-action lawsuit accuses CEO Jensen Huang, CFO Collette Kress and Jeff Fisher, senior vice president and head of gaming, of misleading investors by saying increased sales of its chips came from gamers rather than the unsustainable 2017 crypto mining boom. .

government official as its general counsel, its second add from the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN).

Announced by the Libra Association Tuesday, Robert Werner joins the project with "a wealth of regulatory, financial crime compliance and enforcement experience" from his previous roles as FinCEN director and director of the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).

Days after the biggest non-event of the year, the Bitcoin halving, holders are counting down to the next milestone on the blockchain: the latest "difficulty adjustment," expected Tuesday around 5 p.m

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