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10 May 2021

Blockchain Technology’s Potential to Disrupt Social Media Platforms

Blockchain Technology’s Potential to Disrupt Social Media Platforms

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The same report estimated that the global monthly users of social media platforms were expected to reach up to 3.09 billion by the end of this year-2021.

Considering that privacy and data security are becoming a significant concern in social media platforms, blockchain-based social media, commonly referred to as Blockchain Social Media, offers many benefits other than privacy and security.

Blockchain Social Media refers to decentralized platforms built on blockchain technology that facilitate applications and smart contracts.

Traditional social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp face a myriad of challenges that limits their usability.

The integration of blockchain technology in social media platforms offers some momentous benefits.

Blockchain social media platforms provide users greater control over their data, owing to their end-to-end encryption, peer-to-peer network, and the absence of third-party control.

While traditional social media platforms claim that they facilitate user interactions in an end-to-end format, they can still access user activity and private messages.

Leveraging decentralized consensus mechanisms, blockchain social media platforms facilitate greater privacy, with users having freedom of expression. .

Traditional social media platforms have become an avenue for propaganda and fake news; Blockchain social media platforms solve this severe challenge by preventing the transmission of propaganda.

Better still, blockchain technology in social media platforms ensures that all users are verified, preventing the creation of fake accounts inclined towards spreading fake news or bullying other users, i.e., social media bullying. .

Aside from non-monetary benefits, blockchain social media also offers users materialistic rewards.

In addition, blockchain social media platforms allow users to conduct effective crowdfunding campaigns to fund their projects.

Mindsis a top-grossing blockchain social media platform that allows users to post videos, blogs, images, and even update status.

It offers zero censorship, meaning that users can use the platform fully based on their specific needs without limitations or restrictions. .

Better still, the social media platform rewards its users for their contributions enabling them to grow their channels.

In addition to earning for completing microtasks, the platform allows users to instantly launch their new blockchain projects with over 100 000 cryptocurrency early adopters. .

The platform functions just like traditional social media platforms allowing users to post content, comment on posts, and follow hashtags. 

Better still, decentralized social media allows users to earn income on their activities on the platform, including content creation and other interactions

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