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29 September 2020

Breaking free from global liquidity silos: New technology changes the game

Breaking free from global liquidity silos: New technology changes the game

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However, to fulfill such a vision, innovators will first need to address the core issue of ensuring compliance with complex regulatory requirements across multiple jurisdictions — a significant contributing factor to the formation of liquidity silos.

Platforms that automate the process of regulatory compliance across multiple jurisdictions will be key to this next generation of infrastructure.

Interoperability across multiple blockchains and legacy infrastructure, within a common compliance and security framework, will be key to the success of this new system of trading.

Meanwhile, platforms providing powerful and flexible tools to ensure that compliance with multi-jurisdictional regulations and network interoperability will unlock a new era of market defragmentation and broader access to global liquidity.

Transitioning from current legacy infrastructure to a new truly global financial marketplace will not take place overnight.

Such a transition is key, however, to maintaining the robust health of our global financial system for the decades to come and equipping it with the tools to cope with the economic and financial challenges that lie ahead

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