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21 January 2021

BTC-e Saga Ends in Prison Time for Founder | Crypto Briefing

BTC-e Saga Ends in Prison Time for Founder | Crypto Briefing

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Alexander Vinnik, founder of the now defunct BTC-e exchange, has received five years in prison on money laundering charges, according to reports from the Moscow Times.

However, the US government indicted Vinnik in 2017 on charges of laundering $4 billion worth of BTC.

Meanwhile, Greek authorities received extradition requests from the US, Russia, and New Zealand for various offences Vinnik allegedly carried out.

The court found Vinnik guilty of “money laundering as part of an organized criminal group and providing false information about the origin of the proceeds.”.

In June 2020, New Zealand authorities recovered $90 million allegedly laundered by Vinnik as part of a wider $4 billion money laundering scheme that spanned multiple international jurisdictions.

The court dropped these charges, but found Vinnik guilty of laundering money gained from those same attacks

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