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21 January 2021

BTC nerves, XRP bombshell, Libra rebrand: Hodler’s Digest, Nov. 28–Dec. 5

BTC nerves, XRP bombshell, Libra rebrand: Hodler’s Digest, Nov. 28–Dec. 5

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Large-scale buyers are still creating more demand than supply can meet, and a huge sell wall at$20,000 may see a major transfer of wealth from whales to institutions. .

In other news, S&P Dow Jones Indices announced it will debutcryptocurrency indexesin 2021 — bringing Bitcoin to Wall Street.

CoinShares chairman Danny Masters also told CNBC that the institutional appetite for BTC means portfolio managers could soon be firedfor failing to have Bitcoin in their portfolio.The cryptocurrency also got a ringing endorsement from, er, Nigel Farage, who described BTC as “the ultimate anti-lockdown investment.”.

MyEtherWallet CEO and founder Kosala Hemachandra has warned the upgraded blockchain could beyears from completion, as developers will encounter a lot of hurdles.Phase 0 also suffered extensive delays.

Data from eToro also revealed that XRP saw a1,151% month-on-month surgein trading activity in November — comfortably more than Bitcoin’s221% boost and XRP’s279% surge.

It seems the organization is hoping to turn a page, win round regulators, and prove that it has some distance from Facebook.

A series of new hires have also been made amid reports that the payment service is scheduled to launch in January.

At the end of the week, Bitcoin is at$19,088.30, Ether at$592.29 and XRP at$0.58.

Instead, Brian Brooks said it is “important that we develop the networks behind Bitcoin and other cryptos” to prevent money laundering and terrorism financing

Some of it is going to have to do with banks connecting to blockchains; some of it is going to be more clarity around the nature of these assets.”

The warning prompted Jacob Cantele, chief product officer of MetaMask, to ask Twitter what more the company can do to steer users away from potentially harmful websites and downloads

He wrote: “His wealth in Bitcoin alone is more than 100 times greater than my entire net worth.”

Despite assurances from other Reddit users, he added:“I try to be thankful for what I do have, and I try to be thankful since I know that many other people in the world have it way worse

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