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19 April 2021

Bubble or a drop in the ocean? Putting Bitcoin's $1 trillion milestone into perspective

Bubble or a drop in the ocean? Putting Bitcoin's $1 trillion milestone into perspective

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Bitcoin continuing to push above the trillion-dollar mark is also easy to overlook until one compares it to the market cap of other significant global assets.

Some analysts estimate that part of the real estate investment, especially those yielding less than inflation, will eventually migrate to riskier assets, including Bitcoin.

According to the above chart, the global agricultural real estate is valued at $27 trillion.

Albeit very raw data, considering there are multiple uses for agricultural real estate, it is quite feasible that the sector generates over $1 trillion per year.

These numbers confirm how a $1 trillion market capitalization for Bitcoin should not be immediately considered a bubble.

Back to a more realistic worldview, the above comparison with equities, agricultural real estate, and global wealth also confirms how insignificant Ether's (ETH) current $244 billion capitalization is, let alone the remaining $610 billion in altcoins.

For example, $100 billion flowing into Bitcoin would only be 5% of the $1 trillion yearly corporate dividends and 5% from global wealth or agricultural real estate returns.

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