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28 September 2021

C-Level Executives Join Homeros to Expand DeFi Opportunities

C-Level Executives Join Homeros to Expand DeFi Opportunities

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Along with this, its utility coin, HMR, will be used for services deployed on the Homeros mainnet such as DApp crowdfunding, In-DApp purchases, and yield rewards.

Users can access free-to-use DApps available on Homeros, or they can purchase Premium DApps that are critically acclaimed by the community.

Relating specifically to premium DApps, developers who already have established a reputation can decide on whether to make their Dapps free or premium.

More so, within Business DApps, users can enjoy improvements in business analytics, business intelligence, etc.

The Homeros APIs allow developers to create their own extensible ecosystems within the platform.

Thus, users using DApps on Homeros can enjoy a deeper, more comprehensive experience than just DApp functionality alone, which instead includes contexts and enhancements.

In the future, Homeros will enable the development of various DeFis as the HMR community expands into a synergy effect with related DApps.

The platform will eventually create an ad network that will allow companies to advertise their products within these DApps as native ads.

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