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23 October 2020

Camila Russo: Ethereum Is Building the Internet of Value

Camila Russo: Ethereum Is Building the Internet of Value

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Influencers and creators should be able to monetize their likes, retweets and views, with micropayments streamed from followers, without any platform taking a cut.

The second big problem with the internet today is that we access it through a handful of companies with “walled gardens.” A better analogy is kingdoms.

Developers have to stick to specific guidelines and go through an approval process that can take days, knowing that rules can change without warning, and that their app submission can be rejected.

The internet is ruled by innovation-stifling monopolies that have stopped us having an internet-of-value.

Organizations built on top of the current internet network have almost no other option than to become for-profit corporations, with code that’s proprietary and closed to the public.

The difference from the internet apps we’re used to is that in these applications value isn’t an afterthought; it’s at the very core.

More complex financial services are now at the fingertips of anyone with access to the network.

A core feature of this network and the applications built on top is that the code is available for anyone to inspect, track and riff on

But there’s no question the internet of value is coming to shake up traditional finance and the current web, for the simple reason that it’s many times better

It’s why young, shaggy developers working from their laptops and congregating at hackathons all over the world have kicked the old playing board and started over.

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