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26 November 2020

Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson: How Crypto Should Work Together - Decrypt

Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson: How Crypto Should Work Together - Decrypt

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Naturally, they “end up actually growing larger” since “it shows you the power of openness and the power of interoperability.” And this is the direction the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry should be heading toward, Hoskinson said.

If you think it's moral to build something that blows up in someone else's face, they get the bill and you get the money, then it actually hurts your [commercial adoption].

That's where DeFi is at, the ICO revolution was at and so forth,” Hoskinson said, adding that, “If you think it's immoral to do that, then it prevents you from doing that because the protocols you released don't blow up in consumers’ faces and they don't get the bill for things.

But we follow a very disciplined systematic approach, which was very slow to start because it was basic science where we had to define the foundations of a blockchain,” said Hoskinson, adding, “The advantage of this was that we kind of knew what the force looks like

In the end, he said, as long as you sincerely “align financial incentives with your community, then you're probably both going to figure out how to get it done.”

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