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13 May 2021

Casino Betting Coin to Become

Casino Betting Coin to Become

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April 30th, 2021, Las Vegas — Casino Betting Coin is changing the game with the upcoming launch of, a blockchain-based ecosystem which brings together the best of first and third-party IP to gaming, NFTs, and DeFi.

Following hot on the heels of the news that CBC has bridged to Binance Smart Chain, will usher in a new era of crypto gaming.

CBC’s biggest hodler is casino giant Greentube will become home to all CBC Web 3.0 gaming utilities, including a full range of DeFi casino games during Q4 2021, as part of a new multi-chain strategy which already encompasses Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum

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Bitcoin is durable, says BlackRock's Rick Rieder
published: 3 minutes ago
The Blackrock CIO said Bitcoin still had some hurdles to overcome like the public perception of its energy consumption and price volatility, but he considered the asset a durable one.

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Huobi Ventures Dedicates $100 Million to DeFi, Acquisitions
published: 23 minutes ago
Huobi Group’s new consolidated arm is ready to pour money into DeFi. Huobi Group Bullish on DeFi According to a Coindesk report published today, Huobi Group is set to commit $100 million into decentra...

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