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28 July 2021

Coinbase Sued Over "Deceptive" Dogecoin Campaign | Crypto Briefing

Coinbase Sued Over "Deceptive" Dogecoin Campaign | Crypto Briefing

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In a legal document, plaintiff David Suski said he was deceived into trading $100 of Dogecoin (DOGE) to become eligible for entry into Coinbase’s $1.2 million Sweepstakes offer.

From that day, Coinbase began promoting Dogecoin Sweepstakes worth $1.2 million through an advertisement campaign targeted at its users through emails and across its website and mobile app.

However, the document further argued that Coinbase’s adverts were knowingly designed in order to to “deceive and confuse” the plaintiff and others into believing that they would have to trade at least $100 worth of Dogecoin on Coinbase to enter.

Finally, the document said the defendant would not have paid Coinbase $100 including trading commissions to purchase Dogecoin had the 100% free entry option been made clearer

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