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22 April 2021

Crypto at risk after Facebook leak: Here’s how hackers can exploit data

Crypto at risk after Facebook leak: Here’s how hackers can exploit data

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Dave Jevans, CEO of blockchain security firm CipherTrace, told Cointelegraph that people who have had their phone numbers leaked need to be extra cautious since a lot of fraud involving digital assets hinges on such info, adding:.

Providing a take on the matter, Ben Diggles, co-founder and chief revenue officer for Constellation — a scalable enterprise-grade blockchain creating a standard for securing data in transit — told Cointelegraph that Facebook’s latest security lapse is not surprising, especially since most users of the social media platform tend to adhere to a different mindset — i.e., they like their world to be managed and organized for them.

He added that for most users, if they forget their passwords, they can just have the system reset it for them.

Not only that, in Diggles’ view, most folks using Facebook aren’t even totally aware of how big their digital footprint actually is — a facet that Facebook doesn’t make too obvious either — adding:.

That said, as a precautionary measure, he believes that it would be best if most users change their passwords across all of their social media accounts as well as other platforms that share their data with Facebook.

He added that most people don’t know that the internet plays by its own rules and thus when he tells people about how technologies such as Brave and the Basic Attention Token work, it’s mind-blowing to them: “Most people aren’t aware of their involvement in the grander data world, and I can see why humans have been conditioned to think centralization is safer.” He added: “If users are made aware that value is being siphoned off of them every day, I think they would change behaviors quickly.”.

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