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21 October 2019

Crypto Entrepreneur Zach Salter Explains His Journey

Crypto Entrepreneur Zach Salter Explains His Journey

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He says that one of the biggest contributing factors to the success of any venture – not just those centering on crypto – is the “synergy” of its founders and how well they work together.

He says that Bezos stayed confident and true to himself.

But Salter says that it was his experience as a door-to-door pest control salesman that really gave him his entrepreneurial spirit.

He became less afraid of rejection to the point that he no longer considers it a problem.

Dealing with relentless rejections hour after hour, day after day puts things in perspective… I didn’t do well that summer, but I am forever grateful for the mental toughness it gave me

After that summer, I no longer feared rejection, which set me apart as a young entrepreneur.

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