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03 June 2020

Crypto ‘Gray’ Markets Could Be Unintended Consequence of FATF Travel Rule - CoinDesk

Crypto ‘Gray’ Markets Could Be Unintended Consequence of FATF Travel Rule - CoinDesk

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But you will also certainly see offshore, unregulated exchanges that are not compliant with the Travel Rule, and I think you will see assets trade at a different price on them.”.

“Once those jurisdictions with a regulatory lag catch up, where would those unregulated markets go, and furthermore, how would those customers of those unregulated exchanges be able to then move their tokens with a limited liquidity available?” said Wright.

“In either case, the unregulated exchanges would be frozen out of the larger part of legitimate liquidity, unable to comply with the Travel Rule requirements, and their customers frustrated that they are unable to potentially sell or use their tokens,” he said.

Tom Robinson, co-founder of Elliptic, pointed to an increasing split between crypto exchanges that are regulated and include customer identification processes, and those that are unregulated (or ignore local regulations), and which can be used anonymously. .

“I believe that we will start to see regulated exchanges treat crypto transactions from the latter category as higher risk

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