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16 September 2021

Data: Bitcoin (BTC) adoption grows 1,200% in Africa | CryptoSlate

Data: Bitcoin (BTC) adoption grows 1,200% in Africa | CryptoSlate

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Areportproduced by Chainalysis estimated the growth to be over 1,200%, which means there has been an increase in Bitcoin activities carried out by retail investors who save, remit, and exchange digital assets using different P2P platforms. .

This was confirmed by the co-founder of Paxful Artur Schaback, who said the crypto app has witnessed a surge in activities from African nations, especially Nigeria and Kenya, with a 57% and 300% increase respectively in the previous year. .

According to him, the banking restrictions and hostile crypto regulations on the continent have created an enabling ground for the mass adoption of these digital assets thereby making it the fastest-growing P2P Bitcoin hub globally. .

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