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19 September 2021

DataDash founder Nicholas Merten on how he plans to fix crypto's "usability" problem | CryptoSlate

DataDash founder Nicholas Merten on how he plans to fix crypto's "usability" problem | CryptoSlate

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Being an international speaker, thought-leader, and crypto analyst in the space, he has utilized his over eight years of experience in traditional markets to understand the potential of cryptocurrencies?

What is your professional background and how/when did you get into crypto?

For me, I not only wanted to accelerate crypto adoption beyond simply creating YouTube content, but I wanted to fix many of the problems I saw in the industry, such as poor user experience and bad incentive mechanisms, like encouraging people to over-trade?

What do you believe are the biggest obstacles for mainstream adoption of crypto.

Technology is already complex, but with crypto, you’re adding elements of finance, economics, security, and so much more.

Digifox’s main goal is to make crypto investing as simple as possible, so you can do everything from one place, with the help of real people.

This allows users to average into the crypto market overtime, and earn up to 5% interest on their holdings, one of the leading investment strategies for crypto according to history.We’re solely focused on growing with our users, and we embody it through our in-app support chat, community engagement and free education, the likes of which can’t be matched anywhere else in the industry.

How important is it that blockchain and crypto usability and user experience is improved.

Do you think simplification in the way people experience and use crypto will drive adoption.

What is your most controversial opinion relating to blockchain and/or cryptocurrency.

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