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24 November 2020

‘David Hasselhoff Invented Bitcoin’ - 9 Celebrities Wish Bitcoin a Happy Birthday | Featured Bitcoin News

‘David Hasselhoff Invented Bitcoin’ - 9 Celebrities Wish Bitcoin a Happy Birthday | Featured Bitcoin News

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In addition to this year’s bitcoin price high, around eight different countries have seen bitcoin touch ...

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Billionaire Paul Tudor Jones Sees Massive Upside in Bitcoin, Like Investing in Apple or Google Early American billionaire hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones has recently become more bullish on bitcoin.

He declared the cryptocurrency the best hedge against inflation and compares investing in bitcoin now to investing in early tech stocks, like Apple and Google.

'Oracle' Vinny Lingham Expects High Bitcoin Volatility, BTC Price Likely to Hold $12K Handle for 30 Days Four years ago, Vinny Lingham predicted bitcoin’s bull run and a number of bitcoiners have referred to him as the “oracle.” On Twitter, Lingham is once again giving his predictions on bitcoin’s future prices.

CME's Bitcoin Futures Rise Suggests Institutional Investors Are Starting to Swarm Toward Crypto The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) has become the second-largest derivatives market for bitcoin futures in terms of open interest.

Privacy-Focused Brave Users Can Now Purchase Bitcoin Cash Through The privacy-centric web browser Brave has partnered with in order to give users access to cryptocurrencies like bitcoin cash from directly inside their browser.

Kanye West: Bitcoiners Know the True Liberation of America and Humanity U.S.

He says bitcoiners "really have a perspective on what the true liberation of America and humanity will be." Kanye West and Bitcoin Kanye ...

$250 Trillion in Assets Looking for Ideal Store of Value: A Bull Case for Bitcoin The CEO of Nasdaq-listed billion-dollar company Microstrategy has made a strong bull case for bitcoin.

The announcement was later removed by the company, but crypto proponents have learned about the upcoming support for assets like bitcoin, ..

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