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28 September 2021

DeFi Coverage Aggregator Bright Union Launches Mainnet

DeFi Coverage Aggregator Bright Union Launches Mainnet

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DeFi Coverage Aggregator Bright Union Launches Mainnet.

In the lead-up to this launch, Bright Union announced partnerships with three DeFi coverage protocols including Nexus Mutual, Bridge Mutual, and InsurAce.

These partnerships allow Bright Union to match DeFi coverage policy buyers and providers with over 130 coverage products, the most extensive supply of crypto coverage in the current marketplace, accounting for around 90% of the DeFi coverage market.

In addition to furnishing a multi-chain compatible one-stop-shop for DeFi coverage, Bright Union will develop a bespoke series of innovative products such as the Bright Risk Index, portfolio coverage for institutional DeFi users, as well as DeFi coverage infrastructure allowing other DeFi protocols to sell directly to their users.

In the future, Bright Union’s roadmap will include services that are open to the entire DeFi community, with premium services reserved for members of its DAO.

The September 14th launch of the Bright Union mainnet will make smart contract and stablecoin coverage more accessible to the DeFi community as it continues to grow across multiple chains with new and possibly vulnerable smart contracts being written every day.

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