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24 February 2021

Digital Artist Bags $900,000 From Banksy Style NFTs | Crypto Briefing

Digital Artist Bags $900,000 From Banksy Style NFTs | Crypto Briefing

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Digital Artist Bags $900,000 From Banksy Style NFTs.

However, one sharp-eyed user with the Twitter name @defibull2 pointed out that an address associated with Pest Supply’s address had been selling other NFTs and Ethereum Name Service tokens on OpenSea.

Etherscan shows a transaction for 5.8 ETH from Pest Supply’s address to an address matching one of Save The Children’s, according to a screenshot they shared. 

Nonetheless, signs suggest that Pest Supply is unlikely to be the real Banksy

Elaine Sturtevant was an American artist who found international acclaim for her renditions of other artists’ work, which may be a hint that Pest Supply is aiming for a similar legacy. 

On top of that, neither Banksy’s official website nor Instagram page gives any indication that he’s been involved with Pest Supply’s art sale. 

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