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12 May 2021

Dogecoin, the leading indicator for alt season?

Dogecoin, the leading indicator for alt season?

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Dogecoin, the leading indicator for alt season?

Such unprecedented short-term price rallies history caused some investors to use DOGE price as a leading indicator for an altcoin season.

Also, take notice of how incredible price moves have been the norm rather than an exception for Dogecoin in the past four years.

It is worth highlighting that the most recent price spikes have been directly linked to Musk's memes and tweets revolving around Dogecoin.

However, for one to claim that Dogecoin is effectively an altcoin season indicator, there must be evidence of such pumps preceding the broader market positive performance.

However, the most recent activity might provide different interpretations as the altcoin rally began some three weeks before Dogecoin aimed for new highs.

Therefore, considering the five pumps analyzed, there have been three pieces of evidence of the Dogecoin pump preceding a broader altcoin rally.

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