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09 July 2020

Dynamic Coin Offering (DCO) Promises Investor-Friendly Token Crowdfunding Mechanism

Dynamic Coin Offering (DCO) Promises Investor-Friendly Token Crowdfunding Mechanism

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DYCO creates a price floor in the secondary market so that the investors can be assured of the safety of the investments made by them.

A project crowdfunded via DYCO would consist of a price floor that enables investors to claim a risk-free profit whenever the market price of the token falls below 20% of its initial price.

Per an article by CoinGape DYCO crowdfunding mechanism comes with a swathe of robust features that makes it one of the most advanced token offering mechanisms existing today.

For instance, given that every token on DYCO has a price floor, the Arbitrage Traders are incentivized to participate in the market to offer those tokens liquidity that tumbles below their price floor.

DYCO essentially mitigates all risks associated with the fall in the token price by providing a price floor and, at the same time, offers investors a golden opportunity to capitalize on unparalleled upside potential.

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