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28 September 2021

Ecoin Builts The World’s First Blockchain-based Digital Identity Platform

Ecoin Builts The World’s First Blockchain-based Digital Identity Platform

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Ecoin, the ‘Crypto for Everyone’ coin, is on a roll with a series of new and exciting updates coming out this September.

To push this goal, it has built the world’s first AI-driven Fraud detection system, in other words, a blockchain-based digital identity platform, that will result in easier crypto-onboarding and eliminate fraud risks.

Joining the XDC network is something that the Ecoin platform was looking forward to since a long time, now with the deployment complete, more updates will follow soon.

As we promised, Ecoin has burnt 10% of the total supply, we will also burn an additional 80% supply as our community has decided.

Users can earn Ecoin using ‘Wishoo’ which is its secondary social media platform.

With the tagline, “A social media that pays you to post, like, and share interesting content”, Wishoo is a pay-to-watch tokenized social media.

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