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26 July 2021

El Salvador Bitcoin Law Has Citizens Protesting - Decrypt

El Salvador Bitcoin Law Has Citizens Protesting - Decrypt

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The group, organized by the "Block of Resistance and Popular Rebellion," used banners and slogans to demand that the so-called Bitcoin Law, which makes BTC legal tender and obligates businesses to accept it, be revoked.

“For those earning a minimum wage, in one moment you may have $300 in Bitcoin and the next day those $300 can turn into $50," shesaid, before pointing to BTC's price plunge from a high of $63,595 in April to half that today.

A recent survey revealed that about 77% of the country's population rejects Bukele's Bitcoin Law, and most of the country's remittance recipients and merchants would prefer to handle dollars rather than Bitcoin

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BTC gains 15% in 3 hours amid tight squeeze
published: 51 minutes ago
A sharp squeeze has seen Bitcoin quickly rally to test $40,000 for the first time in roughly six weeks, reclaiming its 50-day moving average in the process.

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