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27 September 2020

Ethereum 2.0 is coming, unlikely to speed up enterprise DeFi adoption

Ethereum 2.0 is coming, unlikely to speed up enterprise DeFi adoption

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Ethereum 1.0 is evolving into Ethereum 1.5, which will be stateless and easily absorbable by Ethereum 2.0,” he said.

While the Ethereum 2.0 advancements are notable, it’s important to point out that enterprise adoption may take some time.

Dan Burnett, executive director of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, a group that enables enterprise use of the Ethereum blockchain, told Cointelegraph that interest in Ethereum 2.0 is relatively high:.

In terms of deploying Ethereum 2.0, Burnett shared that most Enterprise Ethereum Alliance members are largely focusing on areas higher up the stack, such as security, data privacy, data custody and token management.

As such, solutions like the Baseline Protocol as well as other tools that enable privacy and confidentiality of transactions will continue to advance as enterprise adoption becomes a reality in the coming years.

While enterprise adoption of Ethereum 2.0 may take a few years, it’s interesting to note that the idea of staking is gaining traction.

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