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23 April 2021

Ethereum DeFi project ‘ForceDAO’ gets hacked hours after launch

Ethereum DeFi project ‘ForceDAO’ gets hacked hours after launch

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ForceDAO, a shiny new decentralized finance (DeFi) project, got attacked by five hackers this morning, reviving concerns around the highly experimental sector and the seemingly unending amounts of money flowing into hours-old projects.

As per him, the hackers exploited aknownSolidity issue (Solidity is the underlying code of Ethereum), that allowed users to obtain FORCE tokens via an illicit process.

Hackers were able to manipulate the way xFORCE tokens (the “interest-bearing” version of FORCE that represents one’s share in the FORCE profit-sharing pool) are handled on the platform and get FORCE tokens in return, he noted.

Gupta stated that over five hackers seemed to have attacked the project after reviewing the various addresses that the alleged hackers conducted their attack from.

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